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The challenge today

There are several efficient ways to reach out, but few effective ways.

Effectively communicating with constituents, clients, prospects, members, etc. is critical for any organization, now more than ever. In our socially distanced world, thriving organizations must have an effective means to connect with their audience.

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Email marketing
doesn't work!
Phone calls get screened and ignored!
91% of adults own cell phones and 98% read texts within 90 seconds.
Push Notifications are turned off.
15.2 million text message are sent every minute worldwide.
90 seconds is the average response time for text messages.
of texts are opened
of texts are read within three minutes of being sent
of people prefer offers to be sent via text
And there's no better way to engage your audience via text messaging than with PeerTxt!

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  • Campaign Management
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Why Peertxt is your best choice
PeerTxt EZtexting SimpleTexting Text Magic Rumbleup Text In Church
SMS Cost per text .035 $ .04 $ .045 $ .04 $ .9 $ .065 $
MMS Cost per text .10 $ .12 $ .135 $ .24 $
Only 402 Characters
.12 $ .124 $
Custom Inbox
Bulk to 1:1 Inbox
Multiple User Access
Concierge Support
No Credits
No Overage Costs
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